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Specialized exhibition of facility and equipment for opening or renovating the store

1st Cafe Design & Display Show

Date July 3 (Wed.) 4 (Thu.) 5 (Fri.) 2019
3&4: 10:00am-6:00pm 5: 10:00am-5:00pm
Organised by TSO International Inc.
Admission fee

3,000 JPY

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Why Cafe Design & Display Show?

Cafe Design & Display Show is a special exhibition on design technology, display products and services for cafe / restaurant business as first in Japan.

The most important elements of the shop are not only the taste of food and customer service, but also the design of the interior and exterior of the shop. The cafe space which sticks to design and display is essential for a restaurant and a commercial facility, also for a company rest space. Those are such as a space like private reading room, a space like a dining room with a feeling of openness to enjoy chatting with friends, a space where you can eat in designed garden.

This exhibition will be held with all well designed store displays products and furniture and equipment, to have a business meeting between store developer, renovators, designer and constructors.

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